Clinical research services provider Clinerion has partnered with the Czech Clinical Research Institute (CCRI) to extend its patient network and services into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

CCRI is a contract research organisation that offers personalised solutions designed for clinical trial monitoring, project management and auditing services.

The company additionally delivers life sciences consulting services across pharmacovigilance, quality control, regulatory affairs consulting, data management and medical writing fields.

As part of the latest partnership, CCRI will expand Clinerion’s hospital and patient coverage in Czech Republic and Slovakia to enable patients and physicians to better access new treatments.

The contract research organisation will provide the services and real-world data solutions backed by Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform. These services and solutions are intended for real-world evidence and to drive trials to clinical research sponsors and academic researchers.

Patient Network Explorer leverages electronic health records (HER)-data in real-time to optimise study design, allow better site selection and for quick patient search and identification.

The platform is claimed to save both drug development time and costs for the clinical research industry.

CCRI will also support the expansion of Clinerion’s hospital network in both the countries. This is expected to boost the number of patients covered under the Patient Network Explorer.

Currently, Clinerion Hospital Network includes 104 sites across 16 countries.

Clinerion CEO Ian Rentsch said: “CCRI is a great match for Clinerion in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, traditionally countries with high medical expertise and infrastructure but low trial participation.

“Expanding the coverage of Patient Network Explorer will bring patients in the two countries to greater attention when sponsors are making siting decisions.”

Last month, Clinerion partnered with Alpha MD to speed-up the development of new treatments and improve patient outcomes in India.