Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer has added a functionality that offers support to clinical trial sponsors during the selection of site.

The platform now offers present and historical clinical trial performance data for all partner hospitals and trial sites within Clinerion’s global patient network.

Users of the Patient Network Explorer will be able to review detailed clinical trial statistics on an individual hospital level with immediate effect.

Collected and mapped from several public sources, this new functionality enables users to browse, filter, review, and compare site trial performance statistics.

It also allows users to see breakdowns on studies by sponsor, condition, trial phase, and recruitment status.

Given the possibility to filter by study status, sponsor, phase, or condition, users are provided with detailed results.

A list of the respective studies also offers more information, such as on other locations where the study is being carried out.

Clinerion CEO Ian Rentsch said: “It is crucial, during site selection, to have as much information at hand as possible, to avoid expensive detours and dead ends.

“Patient Network Explorer is becoming everything a sponsor needs to identify the right site for their trials.”

In this service, clinical trial performance data is powered by Longtaal.

Switzerland-based Clinerion claims to speed up clinical research and medical access to treatments for patients by generating real-world data from its global network of partner hospitals for Real World Evidence analyses.

The Patient Network Explorer boosts the efficiency of clinical trial recruitment by offering data-driven protocol optimisation, site feasibility evaluation, and real-time patient search and identification so that users can match patients to treatments.

Last year, Clinerion expanded its Patient Network Explorer (PNEx) to hospitals and clinical trial sites in Uruguay after partnering with clinical development service provider Eugen.