Clinical research services provider Clinerion has partnered with PPC to offer Patient Network Explorer services in South Korea, China and Taiwan.

As part of the collaboration, PPC will use Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform to speed-up clinical trials and enrolment, and global studies conducted in the regions.

Through the partnership, PPC will encourage hospitals to participate in Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform for RWD/RWE generation.

The platform accesses Clinerion’s global network of hospitals to match patients to clinical trials.

Based on de-identified EHR data, the Patient Network Explorer platform can be unlinked from any identifiers.

The joint services of both entities will improve access to next-generation medical treatments.

PPC CEO Michael Stibilj said: “We are excited to be partnering with Clinerion to jointly offer our customers access to global integrated recruitment services through the Patient Network Explorer platform.

“Increased access to patients will speed up the clinical trial process and help accelerate the development of breakthrough products.”

PPC serves the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and provides an integrated solution for Phase I-IV studies in Asian countries.

Among the full services offered by PPC include project management, clinical monitoring, data management and clinical trial medical writing.

Clinerion CEO Ian Rentsch said: “The strength of Patient Network Explorer lies in its global coverage.

“Clinerion’s hospital network currently covers 19 countries and over 73 million patients. The partnership with PPC promises to deepen our presence in Korea and Taiwan, and expand our coverage to China. Clinerion continues to build our global presence.”