ClinOne, a provider of technologies for clinical trials, has unveiled the new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) intended to ensure zero data loss at clinical trial sites.

The solution is expected to help site sponsors by minimising the cost over hardware-derived ePRO solutions and the need to allocate provisioned devices.

Since patients can use their own devices, rather than third-party devices, they are set to experience little to virtually zero data loss, noted ClinOne.

This capability is said to ultimately benefit trial sites and sponsors because data loss could disqualify patients and lead to additional re-enrolment costs. It also improves trial retention rates, speeds up enrolment timeframe and increases patient compliance.

ClinOne CEO and co-founder Rob Bohacs said: “Utilising ClinOne’s ePRO solution for the appropriate trials can lead to significant cost-savings, particularly for those trials requiring routine diary entries, over several months or years.

“We are also planning wearable sensor integration in Q3 2019, which will allow correlation of data between ePRO and live sensor data – an industry first.”

According to the company, BYOD ePRO could decrease PRO charges by nearly 75% compared to the cost of paper and 65% or more over existing hardware-based providers.

The solution falls under the ClinTrialConnect suite of patient-facing technologies.

Patients will be able to access, complete, review and sign their diaries or questionnaires electronically by using DocuSign via the ClinTrialConnect patient portal.

Sites and patients will automatically get a completed version of the signed questionnaire.

Findings from 36 ovarian cancer trials showed that 41% of participants using the BYOD ePRO had avoidable missing data.