ClinX portfolio companies ClinEdge and BTC Network have announced that more than 20 of ClinX vaccine centres of excellence have been selected for several Covid-19 vaccine programmes.

These vaccine programmes will start during this summer and winter, according to ClinEdge.

A number of ClinEdge and BTC Network sites are being considered for the upcoming vaccine programmes in preparation for activities related to study start-up.

ClinEdge & BTC president Christian Burns said: “Site selection is critical in any study, but more critical than ever to ensure Covid studies meet historical records of approvals and require vaccine centers of excellence.

“Our dedicated research health and research facilities have proven staff, policies and processes around hybrid study structures in order to achieve enrollment and safety.”

The sites of ClinEdge and BTC Network are in demand during the current Covid-19 crisis because of the significant vaccine experience of the facilities.

Over the past two years, the sites have contributed to around 45 vaccine programmes.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, both networks combined their expertise to launch a new offering with respect to coronavirus-specific vaccine studies.

This offering enables the pharmaceutical and bio-technology firms to have an integrated solution capable of quick track site start-up and enrolment at ClinEdge and BTC Network sites.

Together, the networks provide access to a number of potential volunteers to test experimental vaccines against the novel coronavirus.

All the ClinX network sites have access to ClinEdge and BTCs ‘Risk Mitigation and Recovery Plans’ in order to ensure that the clinical trials are successfully executed as per the FDA guidelines.

In April this year, ClinEdge enhanced its ‘Community Clinical Study Services’ product line, a community-based solution that streamlines the clinical trial process and connects participating sites.