Cloudbyz, a clinical research and development solutions firm, has introduced new solutions for decentralised clinical trials (DCTs), personalised to the needs of organisations associated with trials.

The solutions are expected to benefit sites, sponsors, clinical research organisations and patients who are involved in trials.

In addition, these cloud-based solutions could address the time and financial challenges of decentralised trials. The DCT solutions lower data processing time and improve study administration.

With the Cloudbyz solutions, trial companies will be able to boost the number of participants as well as improve trials via better safety monitoring and patient enrolment campaigns.

The companies can also perform source data validations, participant education and pre-screening.

Built on the Salesforce platform, the new solutions come with enhanced digital capabilities across the entire trial lifecycles, Cloudbyz noted.

The smart features of the solutions are remote monitoring and source data verifications, eConsent, electronic data capture (EDC), electronic trial master file (eTMF), electronic case report form and end-to-end virtual patient enrolment among others.

In a statement, Cloudbyz said: “Cloudbyz DCT solution has been tailored as a comprehensive answer for all the needs of clinical trial management stakeholders (CRO, patients, sponsors, sites).

“It includes features for pre-screening of patients, recruitment of investigators, and monitoring study budget and payments.

“The DCT solution also offers all essential CTMS functionalities such as informed patient consent, eCRF, ePRO, patient health data capture and monitoring, and eTMF compliance.”

Cloudbyz has expertise in clinical trial management solutions (CTMS), patient enrolment, eTMF, EDC, decentralised and virtual trials, safety and pharmacovigilance.

In April this year, the company collaborated with enterprise quality and safety management solutions (QMS and EHS) provider ComplianceQuest to offer a comprehensive platform for clinical research.

The collaboration integrates ComplianceQuest’s EQMS with Cloudbyz’s CTMS to promote digital transformation in clinical research and development while allowing efficiency, quality and compliance.