Cmed Group’s technology division Cmed Technology has launched the encapsia Home Visit app to capture and manage clinical trial data from patients at home.

The new app, according to Cmed, works seamlessly with all the other encapsia apps, such as web EDC (Entry app), and direct data capture (esource app), providing flexibility in the choice of data capture methods, both before and during the process of clinical study.

It helps maintain patient participation and clinical data flow, which is particularly compelling to minimise disruption during the Covid-19 crisis.

Cmed said that the Home Visit app does not need particular hardware, avoiding sourcing and logistics issues. It is simply downloaded onto a standard iPad and will work in locations where there is no internet access.

Cmed chief technology officer Timothy Corbett-Clark said: “Recent events have brought the shortcomings of current EDC solutions into industry awareness. Their age and a history of ‘bolting together’ different technologies and products has created inflexible solutions that are struggling to adapt to a changing world.

“Many people working in clinical trials wanted and needed better approaches but change wasn’t given the priority it needed, until now. The future has arrived sooner than expected, so it’s up to us to make something good come out of this.”

The Home Visit app works with the Randomisation and Inventory apps of encapsia in order to support seamless requests for drug dispensation and perform drug accountability.

Cmed Technology provides Encapsia via software as a service (SaaS) from or with contract research organisation (CRO) services through Cmed Clinical Services.