CNRI to launch TriNetX platform to trial investigators

23rd October 2019 (Last Updated October 23rd, 2019 14:54)

The Children’s National Research Institute (CNRI) is set to launch the TriNetX platform to investigators at Children’s National Hospital.

The Children’s National Research Institute (CNRI) is set to launch the TriNetX platform to investigators at the Children’s National Hospital.

With the help of TriNetX platform, CNRI is establishing research collaboration among paediatric hospitals within the platform’s global health research network.

By leveraging the TriNetX platform, CNRI investigators will be able to access global clinical and claims data that represents information of more than 300 million patients through a self-service analytics platform.

The platform will aid investigators towards their development of study protocols, as well as cohort discovery. It will also support the grant-based research of investigators.

CNRI Clinical and Translational Science Institute Recruitment and Engagement programme lead Jurran Wilson said: “We have learned about more than 70 clinical trials as a result of being part of the TriNetX network.

“Now, by providing access to this global network of real-world data, our research community will have the ability to significantly improve cohort discovery and protocol feasibility, analyse data in real-time, and study treatment pathways in a way we could not in the past.”

CNRI has been a member of the TriNetX network for three years.

TriNetX is one of the platforms used by CNRI researchers to view, query, and analyse clinical data. It also enables researchers to connect with potential industry sponsors.

CNRI is utilising its TriNetX membership to create the TriNetX Pediatric Collaboratory Network, which also includes other healthcare organisations specialising in paediatric care.

Wilson added: “The Pediatric Collaboratory will help us narrow down the massive amount of data available in the TriNetX research network to a subset of paediatric healthcare organisations.”

Until now, TriNetX has been used to analyse more than 16,000 protocols and has presented around 5,000 clinical trial opportunities to its healthcare organisation members.