Tabula Rasa HealthCare has completed the acquisition of DoseMe.

DoseMe’s advanced precision dosing tool DoseMeRx and Tabula’s Medication Risk Mitigation (MRM) technologies will improve the safety measures related to medication dosing and enhance its availability in the hospital settings and healthcare system worldwide.

DoseMeRx, in combination with Tabula’s technologies, will help in improving the safety, quality, and cost efficiency of the patient care.

Tabula Rasa Healthcare is a healthcare technology company based in the US, while DoseMe is a medical technology company based in Australia.

Generex Biotechnology has completed 51% stake acquisition in Olaregen Therapeutix.

Olaregen received $400,000 as an upfront payment from Generex as part of the transaction, and is also eligible to receive $11.6m as milestone payments.

Flex Pharmaceuticals has signed a definitive merger agreement with Salarius Pharmaceuticals.”

The acquisition added Olaregen’s FDA-cleared wound healing product Excellagen® to Generex’s portfolio. The product has received approval for the treatment of 17 different types of wounds.

Generex plans to accelerate the launch of Excellagen® for various indications in different markets.

Generex and Olaregen are biotechnology companies based in Canada and the US respectively.

Flex Pharmaceuticals has signed a definitive merger agreement with Salarius Pharmaceuticals.

Salarius will be merged with a subsidiary of Flex and the combined company will be named Salarius.

The merged entity will focus on accelerating Salarius’ pipeline of epigenetic therapies for rare and orphan cancers.

Stakeholders of Flex will hold 19.9% interest in the combined company and the right to receive warrants after six months of closing the transaction.

Salarius Pharmaceuticals is an oncology-focussed biotechnology company, while Flex Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company focused on neurology.

Both companies involved in the merger are based in the US.