Curebase and CoBTeK are set to partner in a European project to carry out a clinical trial to analyse remote interventions that could aid elderly individuals to remain autonomous.

CoBTeK is a laboratory from the University of Côte d’Azur (UCA). 

The project’s goal is to integrate various healthcare and social services sector players and firms or research institutions or universities that work on solutions to enhance the lives of the elderly.

Improving lives could allow them to stay at home for a longer time instead of going to nursing homes or special clinics.

Co-financed by the European cross-border cooperation programme covering the Alpine territory between France and Italy, ALCOTRA, the trial intends to enrol 105 elderly subjects from rural and urban areas. 

The purpose of the project is to enhance the quality of lives of people as well as cross-border social and economic systems.

Focus groups were used as a first step of the project to decide on the target trial population’s requirements. 

Subsequently, various experiments using technologies and solutions to offer physical, cognitive and social stimulation to volunteers in a clinical setting were carried out. 

In partnership with Curebase, researchers will now analyse if remote interventions using the same tools can boost autonomy in elderly people in an imminent home-based clinical trial.

The decentralised clinical trial (DCT) model of Curebase guarantees diversified studies as unique populations can be recruited. 

Furthermore, the virtual research sites of the firm aid doctors to extend new options to offer their patients, irrespective of their location. 

The Curebase platform will aid researchers of the latest trial to obtain data from questionnaires as well as audio and video recordings of subjects, who will be analysed by clinicians before and after the interventions to determine progress.

Curebase CEO and founder Tom Lemberg said: “Keeping senior citizens physically and mentally active and engaged socially is the best way to ensure quality of life for the elderly while helping to reduce healthcare costs. 

“This is a significant study whose results will be closely watched by public health officials not only in Europe, but everywhere.”

In January this year, Curebase and Persephone Biosciences partnered to carry out a DCT for developing enhanced treatment options and prevention strategies for colorectal cancer.