DelSiTech has signed an agreement with Innovare for the development of long-acting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) therapeutics.

Innovare will make upfront and milestones payments to DelSiTech and pay royalties on the final HIV product developed.

Innovare will utilise DelSiTech’s Silica Matrix drug delivery platform for the development of a peptide membrane fusion inhibitor, which targets HIV-1 envelope protein.

The platform controls the drug release and provides stability to the product against heat for many years. The technology can be utilised for different types of molecules.

DelSiTech is a pharmaceutical company based in Finland, while Innovare is comprised of four Mexican pharmaceutical companies of LFB Mexico, Heklab Pharma, ODF, and Bioventure Holding.

Financial details of the deal remain undisclosed.

“Erasca has secured $42m in a series A funding round jointly led by City Hill Ventures and Cormorant Asset Management.”

Marken has partnered with TrakCel to manage and track the various cell and gene therapy supply chain stages.

TrakCel’s integrated technology will allow effective and easy co-ordination of the cell therapy supply chain for autologous as well as allogeneic therapies. The operating systems of TrakCel and Marken work together through an interface allowing for automatic and seamless performance of the process.

Marken and TrakCel are clinical supply chain companies based in the US and UK respectively.

Erasca has secured $42m in a series A funding round jointly led by City Hill Ventures and Cormorant Asset Management.

The proceeds will be utilised for the development of next-generation oncology cancer drugs.

Erasca is a pharmaceutical company, while City Hill Ventures is a healthcare investment firm and Cormorant Asset Management is a hedge fund manager.

All companies involved in the transaction area based in the US.

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma has collaborated with XL-protein for the development of a series of novel drug candidates.

The company will integrate its proprietary corynex expression system with XL-protein’s proprietary PASylation technology to generate therapeutic compounds with extended half-life and high-yielding cGMP-ready production system.

Ajinomoto is a contract development and manufacturing organisation based in the US, while XL-protein is a German biotechnology company.