The University of Debrecen in Hungary has become part of the TriNetX global health research network to gain better access to clinical trials.

The alliance is expected to boost research partnerships and enhance visibility to firms that perform trials. In addition, the university anticipates improving clinical research opportunities for patients.

University of Debrecen Coordination Center for Drug Development director Denes Pall said: “We acknowledge and support that technology changes will drive the future of patient recruitment.

“We expect that both the number and quality of studies we can participate in will increase now that we have made ourselves more visible to companies looking for experienced and cost-effective clinical sites.”

TriNetX allows healthcare organisations (HCOs), pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations (CROs) to work together, enhance trial design, site selection and planning.

The health research network links clinical researchers to their target patient populations in real-time.

TriNetX CEO Gadi Lachman said: “Hungary offers unique patient access and healthcare characteristics supported by improved set up, such as the combined Regulatory and Ethical submission, resulting in a more predictable and simplified approval procedure; making the region more attractive for commercial study growth and enabling innovative clinical research to further improve patient access and outcomes.”

Till date, TriNetX collaborated with multiple healthcare organisations across 23 countries, along with data providers in the US to form a global health research network representing more than 300 million patients.

The network is said to have provided more than 4,190 clinical trial opportunities to its HCO members.