DHR Health Institute for Research and Development has formed a strategic partnership with global health network TriNetX.

TriNetX optimises clinical trials and enables innovation through real-world evidence generation. It integrates real-time access to longitudinal clinical data with advanced analytics so as to respond to complex research questions.

DHR Health Institute for Research and Development vice-president Lisa Treviño said: “Our main goal in joining the TriNetX network is to better provide innovative and advanced care options to the Rio Grande Valley patient community.

“Becoming a partner with this global network creates new collaboration opportunities and exhibits our capabilities as a top-tier research organisation.”

DHR is a non-profit independent research institute located in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, US.

Its main focus is on improving translational and clinical research in critical unmet needs through a partnership with affiliated academic and non-academic investigators.

It also focuses on the crucial involvement of the Hispanic population in its clinical trials, as more than 90% of the population in the Rio Grande Valley are Hispanic.

TriNetX Americas Data Networks vice-president Mark Steiner said: “We applaud DHR’s commitment to bringing new treatments to its patients and are honoured that our network will serve as the connector to large pharmaceutical companies and other researchers around the globe who are developing life-changing therapies.”

TriNetX has collaborated with healthcare organisations across 24 countries and has been used to analyse more than 20,000 protocols. It also presented nearly 5,800 clinical trial opportunities to the members of its healthcare organisations.