Doloxe has introduced the new Clinical Trial Planner tool, which comprises drop-and-drag data field searches and precise data insights.

This tool will aid in lowering the time to carry out the designing of the clinical trial protocol and subject recruitment by over 30%.

The company noted that the tool is created based on enrolment and trial period assessments from more than 40,000 concluded clinical trials, 18,000 trials underway, and over 5,000 planned trials. 

Leveraging these data sets, the software application can automate the designing of new protocols and subject enrolment planning.

The application also has drag and drop fields to support data analytics platforms including Tableau and Power BI tools.

At the location of the client, this personalised software can be installed with all the logics and necessary data sets.

The British Computer Society (BCS) and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) fellow member Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru engineered this tool. 

Koduru said: “To create successful drugs, we need a technological solution that solves real-life difficulties with ease.”

Following extensive research, Koduru created this software which could expedite and make the designing of drugs for rare medicines cost-efficient, saving several lives globally. 

Doloxe scientific advisor Anand Rotte said: “Koduru has played a crucial role in developing Clinical Trial Planner and many other automation and analytical tools that have helped our company grow, enabling our clients to achieve their goals.”

A data consulting firm, Doloxe focuses on addressing difficult data problems. 

As an advisor in technology, the firm’s goal is to offer complete software solutions spanning technology consulting, software, and delivery. 

Databases, web API services, data analytics, and intelligence tools are the services offered by the firm.

Based on the request, Doloxe will offer the Clinical Trial Planner along with the Scrapper tool.