eClinical software solutions and services provider DSG has partnered with digital patient recruitment provider 1nHealth to enhance patient outreach and enrolment expertise.

The alliance intends to offer a seamless experience to study participants from the launch of the first clinical trial to the completion of their participation. 

This comprises incorporating pre-screened leads from the secure platform of 1nHealth into the eCaseLink Enrollment Tracker of DSG.

It will permit trial subjects to enrol and take consent while removing delays and obstructions that usually affect the process.

This joint-offering provides a patient-centric journey from the initial interaction with study communication to randomisation and conclusion of the trial. 

The collaboration is designed to offer a simplified and reliable experience to the patients to enter the clinical trial while delivering updates and engagement activities throughout the trial.

1nHealth founder and CEO Dan Brenner said: “This relationship with DSG will enable patient journeys that feel natural, trustworthy, and clear. 

“We see higher enrolment and retention rates on studies with these core tenants of a patient-centric enrolment.”

As trial sites face issues in boosting the enrolment and communication experience, it is vital to be able to provide effective outreach from the moment of impression to the subjects.

With established and intuitive platforms, the parties offer the ideal combination to attain these goals.

DSG founder and CEO Tony Varano said: “I believe that partnering with 1nHealth, DSG can provide the enhanced patient experience of clinical study participants. 

“We look forward to our continued partnership with 1nHealth to enhance the patient journey and expand capabilities in the eClinical space.”