Electronic ink technology provider E Ink has partnered with pharmaceutical supplier Faubel to launch a smart label called Faubel-Med Label for investigational medicinal products used in clinical trials.

The label combines E Ink’s low-voltage film technology with display modules and new system designs.

It features a battery-free ePaper display and a booklet label incorporated with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology that enables tracking in real-time.

Faubel-Med Label also comes with a bi-stable E Ink display that provides expiry updates, even on a sealed kit. This eliminates the need for drugmakers to relabel the products when their stability data changes.

The digital solution enables on-demand expiry date updates at the clinical depot site, as well as offers real-time reporting and documentation for compliance. It is expected to mitigate time and costs associated with international clinical trials.

Faubel New Technologies production head Konrad Zachman said: “The Med Label is a breakthrough product that makes the handling of investigational medicinal products in clinical trial supply chains so much easier.

“As we see a continuous growth in biologic products that require frequent updates on stability data, the Med Label emerges as a cost-effective, highly-efficient smart label that meets the demands of present and future compliance requirements.”

E Ink’s low-voltage film technology integrated into the smart label utilises 5v, much lower compared to the standard 15v for electronic paper displays.

This is said to mitigate the power necessary for label updates and thus accelerating the update process.

E Ink Sales Center executive vice-president FY Gan said: “The potential to enhance and simplify clinical trials is endless; we’re excited to collaborate with industry leaders like Faubel to provide system integration capability for not only the pharmaceutical industry in a total solution, but a wide range of smart packaging applications that deliver the best customer experience of using e-paper for digital transformation.”