Elligo Health Research has partnered with Laguna Clinical Research Associates (LCRA) to expand access to clinical trials in diverse communities.

The partners will collaborate with more than 20 urgent care locations in these communities. Laguna will deliver medical services and clinical research as a care option to varied patient populations via Elligo.

Elligo and Laguna aim to connect clinical experts with research infrastructure to offer a clinical trial execution solution that will enable better patient access and engagement.

The new model will work with healthcare providers and patients to increase resources and provide direct access to eSource data from clinical sites.

Laguna Clinical Research Associates CEO Dr Veronica Procasky said: “Partnering with Elligo allows us to build on our successful model for implementing urgent care and clinical research, which pairs the rapid implementation of clinical trials with the utmost care and safety of our patients.”

In 2019, Elligo Health raised $20m in a Series C funding round to further boost physician and patient access to clinical trials using its Goes Direct approach and IntElligo Research Stack clinical technology.

Elligo Health Research CEO John Potthoff said: “Partnering with LCRA will allow Elligo to bring access for clinical research to additional ethnically diverse patients.

“Bringing more research as a care option to patients by expanding to even more diverse populations offers significant benefits for current patients and the future of cutting-edge medical treatments.”

In a separate development, connected healthcare solutions provider VivaLNK reported results from a survey, which found that 44% of all clinical research will deploy decentralised clinical trials within the coming 12 months.

The survey involved pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research professionals, who provided their opinions on the current use of remote patient monitoring (RPM).