EPAM Systems has unveiled its new, patient-centric Digital Clinical Trials (DCT) platform powered by Microsoft cloud services.

Connecting clinical research organisations, patients and healthcare providers, the DCT platform can offer advanced hybrid or decentralised clinical trials through a virtual, outcome-driven experience.

It leverages remote data gathering and real-world data to provide improved flexibility, shorter time-to-market and cost savings.

The platform can recruit participants in the at-home setting through digital enrolment and uses remote monitoring at scale.

This approach aids in meeting enrolment targets of the trial rapidly and developing screening evaluations to fit the study requirements and choices of the participants.

The solution offers a roadmap of the trial through which subjects can have an on-demand view into their customised trial experience at every phase while preparing for and managing their health.

Furthermore, the DCT platform provides safe omnichannel communication to patients irrespective of their location through telehealth, mobile messaging and/or eChat bots.

It also boosts compliance and efficiency, as well as reduce trial timelines using connected apps for simpler exchange of documents between sponsor teams and study centre teams.

EPAM Systems Global Business SVP and co-head Sergey Yezhkov said: “We’re pleased to partner with Microsoft Cloud services to bring the Digital Clinical Trials platform to market.

“DCT gives pharmaceutical organizations access to real-time data via secure omnichannel communication channels while simultaneously simplifying the patient and enrolment recruitment process, enabling seamless integration of patient outcomes, improving operational efficiencies, reducing study timelines, and increasing patient engagement.”

Clinical trials are a vital step to launch novel pharmaceutical theories in the market, but companies are also challenged by problems, including recruitment issues, missed targets, and participant dropouts.

As a result, the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly shifting away from ‘site-centric’ to ‘patient-centric’ clinical trials, EPAM noted.