Flatiron Health has entered a new partnership with Sanofi to enhance the clinical trial experience for sites, sponsors and patients in the field of oncology.

Under the multi-study alliance, both firms will work towards improving clinical trial data acquisition, delivery and quality.

The firms will leverage site-facing technology that is capable of digitally transferring data captured in the electronic health record (EHR) directly into the electronic data capture (EDC) system via Flatiron Clinical Pipe, an EHR-to-EDC tool developed by Flatiron Health.

The partnership will also help clinical trial sites minimise the time required for both manual, bulk data entry and downstream data resolution issues.

This will enable the sites to spend more time with patients.

Furthermore, the new alliance is expected to speed up the development of new treatments and support more people living with cancer.

Sites will also be able to take part in oncology trials easily by minimising redundant, manual and often error-prone data entry procedures such as taxing local lab management.

This process will be employed across various trials and research sites, including academic and community cancer centres.

Earlier this year, Sanofi used Flatiron Health’s technology in a trial for the first time, thereby effectively moving more than 50% of study data from the EHR to the EDC.

Both firms will partner on data standards and mapping to widen the volume and types of data that can be transferred automatically.

Flatiron Health Clinical Research general manager Alex Deyle said: “Flatiron’s expansion into the clinical research space is a natural progression for us.

“With the FDA’s guidance on interoperable technology that allows electronic transmission of relevant EHR data to the EDC system, we knew we had an opportunity with Flatiron Clinical Pipe to unlock the potential of data captured in the EHR, reduce the burden of clinical trials and accelerate research timelines.”