Guangzhou Link Health Pharma and George Clinical have signed a term sheet to enter a strategic agreement to launch a clinical development company to deliver trials.

The new independent joint venture company called Link-George Clinical Research will deliver clinical trials for Link Health and associated firms with which it has signed licensing deals.

Link-George plans to commence six clinical trials this year and this is anticipated to develop with the expansion of Link Health’s in-licensed portfolio.

George Clinical will lead the operations of Link-George, with a board that has representatives from both Link Health and George Clinical.

George Clinical CEO James Cheong said: “We are very excited to enter into this joint venture with Link Health as part of a novel platform providing a one-stop service for in-licensing, clinical development, marketing authorisation and commercialisation.

“This will enable both companies to further optimise the tremendous growth in the pharmaceutical industry in China and, in so doing, help to advance clinical research in this region.”

Link-George will merge the expertise of Link Health and George Clinical to accomplish increased efficiency and provide more value across a set of services from pharma licensing to project delivery.

The company offers deep knowledge in the analysis of pharma targets and consultation on pharma licensing and regulatory and commercial landscape in China.

Link Health founder and CEO Dr Song Yan said: “To speed up the pace of going global, Link Health has been expanding business in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and other regions.

“Through this joint venture, Link Health and George Clinical will complement each other’s advantages in the fields of drug-ability evaluation, medical writing, medical statistics, clinical protocol design and real-world research, and jointly provide Link Health and its customers with end-to-end integrated solutions.”

George Clinical business unit head in China Yin Zhenfei will act as the general manager of Link-George.