Gilead Sciences has reported that real-world data from three retrospective studies showed its antiviral treatment, Veklury (remdesivir), lowered the risk of mortality in hospitalised Covid-19 patients.

Two of these studies found that subjects receiving the treatment had substantially improved chances of hospital discharge by day 28.

Veklury is indicated in the US for treating adults and paediatric patients aged 12 or above with Covid-19 who need hospitalisation.

Gilead analysed data from a total of 98,654 hospitalised Covid-19 patients in the three studies in the real-world setting.

Two studies analysed Veklury treatment trends and outcomes in the US from the HealthVerity and Premier Healthcare databases.

Data from the HealthVerity analysis, conducted in partnership with Aetion, showed that subjects who were given Veklury had a statistically significant 23% reduced risk of death versus controls, irrespective of baseline oxygen needs.

By day 28, a substantially increased chance of hospital discharge was noted in those who received a full five-day course of Veklury versus controls.

In the Premier analysis, patients receiving Veklury had a considerably reduced mortality risk by day 14 and 28 as against those who did not receive the antiviral treatment.

The third study analysed the clinical outcomes in people treated with Veklury for ten days in the extension phase of the SIMPLE-Severe study against those who were on standard of care in a real-world retrospective longitudinal cohort study.

Data showed that the Veklury treatment was linked to a statistically significant 54% reduced death risk at 28 days as compared to those who did not receive the drug.

Furthermore, subjects who received a ten-day course of the treatment had a quicker time to discharge within 28 days.

Gilead noted that the data for time to discharge was not significant in subjects who were on invasive mechanical ventilation or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation at baseline.

These results were consistently noted at various timeframes during the Covid-19 pandemic and across various geographies.

In October last year, Gilead reported positive final results from the Phase III ACTT-1 clinical trial of Veklury for the treatment of adults hospitalised with Covid-19.