Grant Avenue Capital has launched a new integrated clinical site organisation, Helios Clinical Research, which will offer equitable access to quality research.

Helios optimises clinical research by partnering with patients, physicians, and biopharma sponsors.

Operating 20 integrated clinical research sites across four states, the company expects to strategically expand its US footprint over time. 

These sites specialise in metabolic, urology, vaccines, orthopaedics, dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, and broader general medicine.

Helios’ team includes CEO E.B. McLindon, MD, chairman Stephen DeCherney, chief financial officer and chief operating officer Natalie Gassen, and senior vice-president and Business Development Head Sergio Armani.

Grant Avenue partner Preston Brice said: “We are launching Helios at a time when the need for a centralised solution to accelerate clinical research has never been greater. 

“By building Helios with best-in-class companies and bringing together individuals we view as the most talented and accomplished in the industry, we believe we are well positioned to deliver a highly optimised solution to patients, physicians, and sponsors.”

The research sites of Helios engage, educate, and provide patients with a quality setting for taking part in clinical research as a care option.

They also support physicians by simplifying the process related to clinical research to help them focus on optimal patient care and collection of data.

Dr DeCherney said: “We have already formed an expert clinical development team that engages patients and sites across the US to modernise the research experience and help sponsors recruit and retain patients.

“Looking ahead, we believe the stable foundation of Helios, coupled with the financial and operational support that Grant Avenue provides, will meaningfully differentiate Helios from its competitors and enable us to continue to scale for success long into the future.”

For the formation of Helios, Lincoln International served as the financial advisor to Grant Avenue.