Halucenex Life Sciences has reported promising early results from Phase II clinical trial of Lucenex branded synthetic psilocybin for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Halucenex is Creso Pharma’s wholly-owned, Canadian based psychedelics company.

Designed to evaluate the efficacy of psilocybin, the single-arm, open-lab trial has enrolled 20 participants to receive both 10mg and 25mg in a micro dose and macro dose format.

Two patients out of 20 showed that two doses of psilocybin spread one week apart led to a decrease in PTSD symptoms in patients with severe treatment-resistant PTSD.

Nearly 40% reduction in PTSD symptoms was observed after the initial low dose, and the macro dose given one week later resulted in immediate decrease in symptoms.

Zero symptoms of PTSD were observed in both participants at one month after macro dose and there was a 75% reduction in symptoms in PTSD at three months.

Creso Pharma CEO and managing director William Lay said: “As the trial continues, we look forward to providing more details on patient results and our ongoing dialogue with regulators.

“Amid broader regulatory tailwinds for the psilocybin products, we are confident the current Phase II trial will continue to establish a strong platform for the future commercial application of our products.”

The completion of the trial is expected in the third quarter of this year.

Halucenex plans to work with Health Canada to investigate sleep disruption noted as impactful PTSD symptoms.

The company intends to administer psilocybin to an average of two patients per week and study more patients in the trail.