Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) in Jerusalem has selected YonaLink’s EHR-to-EDC data integration SaaS platform to integrate clinical care and research data.

HMO starts approximately 500 new clinical trials every year and publishes over 1,000 research trials in peer-reviewed, scientific publications.

The medical centre is using the SaaS solution from YonaLink for streaming and mapping real-time, up-to-date patient data to electronic data capture (EDC) systems from electronic health record (EHR) systems.

This collaboration is part of the medical centre’s focus on driving innovation in medical research and to make Israel and Hadassah hubs for international clinical trials across therapeutic areas.

Through YonaLink’s technology, Hadassah will be able to collaborate with clinical trial sponsors and research stakeholders worldwide and expand access to its R&D capabilities.

HMO Research Fund general director professor Eyal Mishani said: “YonaLink provides Hadassah with a cutting-edge tool that can seamlessly work across any EHR, making it possible for data to effortlessly flow to trials and registries across Israel and all over the world.

“This reduces the burden on our study teams and improves data quality by eliminating the need for redundant, error-prone processes involved in duplicating data for clinical trial EDCs.”

YonaLink platform helps stream the up-to-date data from any EHR system of a clinical site, across the world, to its advanced EDC. The company’s EDC comprises built-in eConsent and ePRO / eCOA and streaming EHR-to-EDC capabilities. By bringing EDC and eSource functionality together in one tool, EDC offers a complete, scalable solution for present clinical trial requirements.