NRx Pharmaceuticals has announced that the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) has posted new data on the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine, BriLife, against the Covid-19 Delta variant.

The company is developing the Covid-19 vaccine under an exclusive licence from the Israel Ministry of Defense.

Based on an initial sample of vaccinated patients from the Phase II trial, the early results showed that the BriLife vaccine is capable of offering protection against the original ‘wild-type’ coronavirus and the Delta variant.

A blood sample analysis of 11 subjects in the trial found that the vaccine is effective in neutralising antibodies against the original ‘wild-type’ virus. Additionally, ten of the 11 samples were found to neutralise the Delta variant.

The study also assessed another set of blood samples taken from unvaccinated Covid-19 patients who have recovered from the disease. These samples had antibodies against the ‘wild-type’ coronavirus but showed a diminished immune response against the Delta variant.

According to IIBR’s report, the BriLife’s mutations may be responsible for effectiveness against the disease variants that occurred naturally.

NRx Pharmaceuticals CEO and chairman Jonathan Javitt said: “These early findings from the BriLife Phase II trial are highly encouraging at a time when new variants of concern increasingly threaten the immunity we have built with first-generation vaccines.

“Although these are early results from a subsample of patients treated in a Phase II trial, all Phase IIa patients are now more than 60 days post-vaccination, and we await a review by the independent Data Safety Monitoring Board in the coming week.

“Should the full cohort of vaccinated patients demonstrate results comparable to this reported subgroup, that would be indicative of potential vaccine effectiveness against new variants of the virus.”

The company now plans to begin its Phase IIb/III registration trial of the vaccine following the review of Phase II results.

This August, NRx Pharmaceuticals commenced a Phase IIb dose-confirmatory clinical trial of BriLife in Georgia.