Immuno-oncology imaging firm ImaginAb has started patient enrolment in a Phase II clinical trial of its CD8 tracer 89Zr-Df-IAB22M2C to visualise T-cells and enable personalised treatment.

The first patient has been enrolled at City of Hope, a research and treatment centre in Los Angeles County, California, US.

89Zr-Df-IAB22M2C is an imaging agent that uses non-invasive, whole-body in-vivo PET imaging of CD8 T cells to visualise the immune system.

The technology leverages ImaginAb’s Minibody platform to target and visualise CD8+ T-cells to offer specific and quantitative assessment of the immunological status of each cancer lesion in a patient.

This approach is expected to facilitate tailored treatment based on the needs of individual patients.

ImaginAb CEO Ian Wilson said: “ImaginAb’s goal is to provide target-specific imaging agents to predict, inform, monitor and enable treatment of cancer disease more effectively.”

City of Hope expands the ImaginAb active sites performing Phase II baseline / on-treatment trials to evaluate the use of 89Zr-Df-IAB22M2C.

During the trial, the PET tracer’s utility in imaging CD8 T cells before (baseline) and after (on-treatment) cancer patients undergo immunotherapy-based treatment will be investigated.

Metastatic cancer patients will be recruited into the trial, which will explore the link between imaging signals observed using ImaginAb’s ImmunoPET imaging agent, standard-of-care scans and also immunohistochemistry analysis of CD8 in biopsied tissues.

The study will also measure changes in CD8+ T-cell distribution prior to and after immuno-oncology therapies.

ImaginAb is developing a pipeline of in-vivo antibody-based imaging agents to drive the development of therapeutic antibodies, diagnose disease, and aid precision medicine.