Incyte has announced results from its Phase II SCRATCH-AD trial assessing the short-term clinical benefits of Opzelura (ruxolitinib) cream 1.5% to control pruritus and reduce disease severity in adult atopic dermatitis (AD) patients.

The single-site, open-label, single-arm trial enrolled 49 adult patients aged 18 to 65 years who were diagnosed with AD for ≥6 months and with chronic itch related to AD for ≥3 months.

It has been designed to assess the efficacy and safety of the cream in these patients.

For 28 days, patients applied Opzelura 1.5% cream two times a day approximately 12 hours apart to all lesions that were identified at baseline and any new lesions.

AD treated patients with Opzelura reported a rapid and substantial improvement in itch, which was sustained through day 28.

The study also met its primary endpoint, a change from baseline in peak pruritus numerical rating scale (PP-NRS) on day 2 (24 hours after the first application of Opzelura).

In addition, Opzelura was found to be well tolerated and no serious treatment-emergent adverse events were observed during the study period of 28 days.

Incyte Inflammation and AutoImmunity group vice-president Jim Lee said: “AD is a chronic, immune-mediated skin condition that can be difficult to manage and causes disruptive and persistent symptoms like itch that can greatly affect patients’ everyday lives.

“We are pleased that the SCRATCH-AD results further emphasise the rapid impact of Opzelura on itch reduction and reinforce its profile as an effective, well-tolerated topical non-steroidal treatment for AD.”