Life sciences services provider IQVIA has introduced an open Covid-19 registry platform and technology-powered trial matching solution.

The registry, referred to as IQVIA CARE Project, is an opt-in initiative intended to improve insights into Covid-19 disease prevalence, symptom progression, and treatment outcomes.

US residents exposed to the coronavirus infection can enrol in the registry and provide information on basic demographics, symptoms, and select medical history.

IQVIA Real World Solutions president Rob Kotchie said: “By rapidly deploying this consumer registry we can quickly aggregate the necessary data to enable invaluable insights that will ultimately inform better treatment measure.”

The company’s new Covid-19 Trial Matching Tool is designed to match people with studies in order to expedite clinical research projects in the US.

It uses a combination of publicly available information, IQVIA data and tools, and an algorithm to provide a questionnaire for matching patients and investigators.

Based on IQVIA CORE, the trial matching solution links and integrates the company’s therapeutic and domain expertise, healthcare data, technology and advanced analytics to advance clinical research.

IQVIA Research & Development Solutions president Richard Staub said: “In response to this unprecedented crisis, IQVIA has created the first comprehensive online screener and trial matching tool for all US Covid-19 trials.

“This sponsor-agnostic solution will accelerate Phase I-IV clinical research trials when they are most needed by connecting users to Covid-19 investigators working tirelessly to discover and develop treatments and vaccines against this disease.”

In February this year, the company launched a technology-based global site network that opens opportunities for more clinical trials at experienced clinical and research sites.