Integrated research organisation (IRO) Javara and medical group Privia Health are partnering to provide clinical trials to Privia Medical Group’s Gulf Coast and Georgia region’s patients.

Privia Health has partnered with national medical groups, including Privia Medical Group Gulf Coast and Privia Medical Group Georgia, to form over 2,500 provider networks in multiple US states.

Privia Health chief clinical officer Keith Fernandez said: “Privia’s proprietary, single tablespace, Cloud-based technology platform supports evidence-based care, patient and physician engagement to help promote the delivery of high quality, cost-efficient care.

“Access to historical and real-time data allows us to match the right care to the right patient including the high touch options provided by clinical research.”

Javara provides resources and necessary infrastructure to conduct clinical research aimed at increasing participation in industry-sponsored clinical trials.

The clinical research is aimed at initiating trials that better serve patient needs.

In addition to providing new treatment options for patients, Javara incorporates clinical research as a new care option.

It also provides advanced robust clinical trial services to support medicines advancement in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Javara CEO Jennifer Byrne said: “The offering of clinical research within Privia’s care centres symbolises synergistic goals of advancing medicine through participation and patient-centric care.

“We are pleased to pave the way for medical breakthroughs in connection with physicians, care teams, patients and families who make advancing global health a reality.”