Komodo Health and Janssen Research & Development have signed an agreement to use real-world data and artificial intelligence (AI) software for accelerating clinical development.

As part of the collaboration, feasibility, site selection, and patient recruitment will be optimised for clinical trials.

This is expected to drive higher throughput for trials and fast track life-saving therapies to patients.

Komodo Health chief medical officer Aswin Chandrakantan said: “The next generation of clinical trials requires deep and timely insight into the patient journey.

“Whether targeting a large volume of diverse patients for a prevalent chronic condition or exploring breakthroughs for complex rare diseases, it’s crucial to understand where patients are progressing through the care system in order to improve efficiency in clinical trials.”

At present, the partnership focuses on software solutions that offer real-time visibility into patient volumes.

This improves the ability to identify trial sites, increase target recruitment. Furthermore, patient cohorts could be understood prior to launch, and reach diverse patient populations.

The collaboration will cover therapeutic areas ranging from common chronic illnesses to ultra-rare diseases and its areas include infectious diseases, oncology, vaccines, immunology, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease.

The Komodo Health solutions are built on its Healthcare Map of 325 million US de-identified patient journeys.

Solutions that are being deployed include ‘Prism’ to support patient cohort analytics, ‘Sentinel’ for data integration, analytics, and site selection, and ‘Pulse’ for real-time alerts on encounters between providers and potential screening eligible patients.

Komodo Health applies AI and other advanced data science techniques to its Healthcare Map.