Lazarex Cancer Foundation has partnered with Greenphire to implement a clinical trial payments solution called ClinCard for the cancer patients it supports in the US.

A non-profit, Lazarex Cancer works to enhance patient access to oncology trials, while Greenphire offers financial software for clinical trials.

ClinCard is Greenphire’s participant reimbursement technology, which is expected to eliminate financial barriers for cancer patients who choose to participate in studies across the US.

According to statistics, less than 5% of adults with cancer enrol in a trial. This figure is observed to be lower among patients who do not have the financial resources to travel to trial sites and those who cannot afford to miss work.

Lazarex Cancer covers the trial-related costs for participants, including airfare, ground transportation and accommodations.

The organisation noted an average reimbursement of $50 for a tank of gas per month up to $1,500 monthly for travel, lodging and airfare for a patient and a companion.

Use of ClinCard will remove the need for any upfront costs for the patients, and funds required for travelling to the trial site and remain in the study will be available immediately.

Greenphire CEO Jim Murphy said: “Lazarex is doing groundbreaking work in the oncology community by providing access to clinical trials for those who simply can’t afford what often amounts to thousands of dollars required to get there.

“They are democratising access to cancer research and we are proud to streamline their payment systems with ClinCard to enable them to significantly increase the number of patients they assist each year.”

ClinCard enables more than six million reimbursements to more than one million trial subjects globally.

By deploying the solution, Lazarex expects to expand the patients it supports by more than 1.5 times, representing an increase from 600 to 900-1,000 patients per month.