Lightship has entered a collaboration with Acclinate to boost access and engagement in clinical trials for populations which are underrepresented.

The companies will partner on solutions to boost trial access to diverse populations and people of colour. 

To design and offer trials that are easily accessible and provide increased choice to people in need, the alliance will combine Acclinate’s #NOWINCLUDED community and e-DICT engagement and predictive analytics platform with Lightship’s personalised approach.

This strategy is being leveraged to engage subjects in a neurology trial underway in the US for a top pharmaceutical firm.

Lightship CEO David MacMurchy said: “Removing common barriers to clinical trial participation such as geographic constraints or logistical concerns around travelling to a site, missing time from work or coordinating childcare, helps increase access to clinical research.

“Our partnership with Acclinate leverages their established, trusted community connections, digital platform and app with Lightship’s robust clinical trial infrastructure and commitment to meeting participants where they are to deliver their clinical trial.”

Their partnership has so far resulted in close to 5,000 individuals getting a chance to gain access to the trial with a nearly 10% resultant engagement response rate.

Acclinate co-founder and CEO Delmonize Smith said: “Our #NOWINCLUDED community educates, engages, and empowers communities of colour to make informed decisions about their health, including opportunities to take part in clinical trials.

“Combined with our e-DICT predictive analytics tool, we help pharmaceutical companies and other health organisations present their clinical trials to diverse members who are most likely to participate.”