Middle market healthcare fund Martis Capital has invested in Alcanza Clinical Research in order to meet the pressing requirements of equitable healthcare.

Established in December last year, Alcanza is a clinical research site network platform focused on developing a sustainable and comprehensive clinical trial environment for everyone.

With patient advocacy organisations, research stakeholders, and regulators pushing sponsors to enhance inclusion in clinical trials, Alcanza is changing the model for research access to underrepresented people across various races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and disability statuses, among others. 

The company is also improving the quality of clinical research and subject recruitment activities.

Martis Capital managing partner Mario Moreno said: “This partnership is a unique opportunity to drive sustainable improvements in the highly fragmented clinical trial space by focusing on improving disparities in clinical research.”

Alcanza has taken over five well-performing clinical research firms as an initial step. 

These comprise Boston Clinical Trials, Coastal Carolina Research Center, ActivMed and Allcutis Research, Quest Research Institute, and Charlottesville Medical Research.

They operate in eight regions in Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Virginia, US. 

Each site contributes to over three decades of clinical research expertise, as well as a robust reputation for clinical and operational quality.

They also offer complementary treatment specialisation in neurology, psychiatry, vaccines, and infectious disease, among other areas. 

Alcanza will work on extending its national site network in order to offer complete Phase I-IV expertise in various therapeutic regions while preserving a diverse client base of blue-chip biopharmaceutical firms and contract research organisations.

Alcanza Clinical Research CEO Carlos Orantes said: “We are excited to collaborate with Martis Capital to develop the next-generation site model that combines education, community engagement, and exceptional patient care for truly inclusive research. 

“Our leadership team looks forward to expanding the reach of clinical research for all.”