Crescent Capital Partners has acquired Nucleus Network Ltd from Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.

The sale will help Baker focus on boosting biotechnology and medical research by generating more funds, and will also enable it to operate on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Baker Institute will continue to hold up to 20% stake in Nucleus Network.

Crescent Captial company is a private equity firm, while Nucleus Network company is a research institute. Both companies are based in Australia.

“Baker Institute will continue to hold up to 20% stake in Nucleus Network.”

Ipca Pharmaceuticals Inc and Onyx Scientific Ltd have acquired a 100% share capital of Pisgah Labs Inc for $9.65m in cash.

Based in the US, Pisgah Labs is a contract manufacturer and developer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). It will continue to operate from its North Carolina manufacturing facility under the Pisgah trade name following the acquisition.

The acquisition will result in merging Onyx Scientific and Pisgah’s capabilities in chemistry services effectively with IPCA Labs capabilities to support phase II to commercial-scale programmes.

It will also help in enabling IPCA Labs to produce small volume APls for the US market.

Based in the US, Ipca Pharmaceuticals Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of IPCA Laboratories. Onyx Scientific Ltd is a step-down subsidiary of IPCA Laboratories based in the UK.