Molecular technology firm Zymergen Inc has acquired Radiant Genomics Inc, a functional metagenomics research company.

The acquisition will enable Zymergen to add Genomics’ metagenomic technologies and accompanying genetic libraries to its core platform.

Both companies involved in the acquisition are based in the US.

Celgene Corp has signed an agreement to acquire Impact Biomedicines Inc for $7bn.

Celgene will pay $1.1bn in cash to Biomedicines’s shareholders, who will also receive contingent payments based on regulatory approval and sales-based milestones.

“Celgene will pay $1.1bn in cash to Biomedicines’s shareholders.”

Celgene is a biopharmaceutical company, while Impact Biomedicines is involved in the development of complex cancer treatments such as Fedratinib, a JAK2 kinase inhibitor. Both companies are based in the US.

The acquisition will enable Celgene to add Fedratinib to its product pipeline.

China Biology Services Group Limited has signed a memorandum agreement to purchase 34.33% stake in Sinobioway Cell Therapy Co Ltd from Sinobioway Biomedical Co Ltd for CNY165.98m ($25.53m).

Based in Hong Kong, China Biology Services Group is a subsidiary of China Biotech Services Holdings Limited, while Sinobioway Biomedical Company, also based in China, invests in R&D and manufacturing of antibody drugs.

The acquisition will enable China Biotech Services Holdings Limited to explore opportunities in CAR-T cell therapy.