MCI Onehealth Technologies (MCI) and UK-based automated patient-recruitment platform provider uMed have announced a collaboration to increase patient access to global research studies.

The partnership will also expedite subject enrolment and enhance clinical trial retention.

MCI is the first Canadian partner of uMed.

MCI founder and CEO Dr Alexander Dobranowski said: “MCI’s collaboration with uMed will open a new subset of research that emphasises real-world evidence and patient-reported information. MCI is already uniquely positioned in that we use technology to screen clinical data efficiently and compliantly to flag patients as potential participants for research trials.

“This collaboration creates another innovative avenue by which MCI’s clinical insights as a service programme can help optimise patient care, provide access to meaningful clinical trial opportunities and bring value to life sciences stakeholders and health systems.”

uMed will provide a quick method to contact, enrol, and engage the MCI patients for any existing and future relevant clinical trials upon flagging potential participants from records.

With the digital patient recruitment platform of uMed, healthcare professionals will be able to take part in more research, with a reduced workload.

This gives better access to patients to trials that are relevant to their specific condition.

uMed CEO Dr Matt Wilson said: “Faster and more customisable cohorts in interventional and non-interventional clinical trials lead to better care options sooner, and more cost efficiently.

“In MCI we see a partner that not only shares uMed’s driven commitment to supporting effective, efficient clinical research, but also a company with the existing clinical data lake to immediately utilise the uMed platform for significant outcomes.”