MD Connect has launched a new division called PatientCentra, which will focus on technology-driven and patient-centric approach towards recruitment in clinical trials.

Global patient recruitment is supported by experienced professionals.

The new division leverages advanced technology to engage and recruit qualified participants for clinical trials.

According to PatientCentra, the Patient Database Network and Performance Portal patient tracking and management system offer features such as site response monitoring technology and end-to-end patient tracking that improve the efficiency of patient recruitment programmes.

MD Connect president and CEO Dan Stempel said: “PatientCentra offers a fresh and focused approach to clinical trial patient recruitment by leveraging proprietary technology and dedicated personnel resources to provide customised, results-driven programmes.

“It was built on our foundation of digitally-enabled programmes which have tapped over 50 different digital media sources to drive more than a million qualified patient inquiries for clinical trial sponsors, CROs, and sites through our end-to-end process.

“We back it all up with performance-priced solutions that have consistently resulted in meeting or exceeding customer recruitment and enrolment goals.”

The launch of PatientCentra reflects an extension of the company’s expertise in digital patient outreach to include digitally-enabled, multi-channel patient recruitment with necessary technology and dedicated qualified personnel.

PatientCentra is conducting programmes across 14 countries in five different continents. It aims to advance the field of clinical research by executing effective patient recruitment strategies for sponsors.

Serving as a partner for sponsors and contract research organisations (CROs), MD Connect has more than 200 clients and around 500 programmes included in its portfolio for more than 20 unique therapeutic areas.