Medable has launched a completely enabled SaaS electronic consent management solution, Total Consent, for all decentralised and hybrid clinical trials in over 120 locations globally. 

By boosting patient accessibility, understanding, and experience, this solution can streamline the informed consent process for possible trial subjects.

Leveraging this solution, the company is altering the consenting process by unifying it into a simple-to-use platform that facilitates sponsors of trials and CROs to fully tailor eConsent in over 120 locales while remaining compliant with regional regulatory needs. 

The offering also permits patients to provide consent on the site or in a remote manner using an eSignature or wet ink signature. 

It comprises print-to-sign templates, template management, and optimised workflows, allowing nations that need wet-ink signatures to benefit from the eConsent solution of the company. 

Improved authoring tools permit sponsors and CROs to incorporate tailored instructional videos and knowledge checks to boost understanding in patients and lower the burden on the sites.

Like other SaaS offerings, Medable offers customers of Total Consent with in-depth training to aid in quicker eConsent deployment in trials, including a new option for quick onboarding.

Total Consent also comprises improvements to its authoring tools and allows customers to set up eConsent platforms leveraging their own communications and branding. 

This smooth user experience will facilitate patients to traverse complex information and improve the chances of them taking part in the trial.

Medable chief scientific officer Pamela Tenaerts said: “The industry, patient advocacy groups, and most recently the FDA all recognise that digital consent is essential for a patient-centric clinical research system that brings the best drugs to market as swiftly as possible. 

“With Total Consent, we can finally pull in broader geographies of patients and put them at ease as they embark on their journeys toward better health.”

In October this year, the company unveiled a patient-first offering that aids life sciences companies in enhancing patient access, enrolment, and retention in oncology trials.