US-based Medable has unveiled a telemedicine solution, called as Trial-Fit Telemedicine, only for clinical trials.

The solution has been developed and designed to address critical trial barriers of low patient retention and lack of access.

The Trial-Fit Telemedicine allows sites all over the world to carry out secure, HIPAA-compliant video consultations with clinical study participants in an integrated eCOA solution.

Medable co-founder and CEO Dr. Michelle Longmire said: “Medable is on a mission to get effective therapies to patients faster. Medable is building a globally connected research ecosystem in which every person in the world has the opportunity to benefit from cutting edge research. Telemedicine is an essential enabling technology in our mission to serve patients all over the world.”

The solution is claimed to be an integrated, multi-language and globally supported site and patient telemedicine experience that allow clinicians to remotely care for, monitor and manage study participants in any location.

Dr. Longmire continued: “Increasing access to trials is a top priority for Medable. 50% of trials do not achieve planned enrollment strategies… we are working to fix that.”

The firm’s eClinical platform allows data-driven digital trials by making use of big data and analytics to identify patients and link them with trials powered by Medable eCOA solutions.

Medable’s telemedicine solution enables life science, biotech and medical device companies to expand a study’s geographic reach for patient enrollment.

Dr. Longmire added: “Digital technologies have the ability to revolutionize trials. Telemedicine can improve access, enrollment, and retention and is central to our strategy to reduce trial time, improve trial diversity, and enable an era of personalized medicine, which will require much broader study access and participation. Telemedicine is an important part of our strategy to make trials more representative and to radically reduce the time and cost, with the goal of getting effective therapies to patients faster.”

Medable will launch this new telemedicine at this year’s Drug Information Association (DIA) global annual meeting to be held in San Diego from 23-27 June.