Dassault Systèmes company Medidata is set to introduce the scalable technology, Rave Companion, which helps clinical trial sites save time and minimise errors while automating electronic health record (EHR) data to the Rave electronic data capture (EDC) system.

Rave Companion enables use of structured and unstructured data from any EHR by Rave EDC directly, and addresses the long-standing industry challenge of duplicate data entry.

It also modernises the EDC user experience and reduces potential errors for data managers and clinical trial sites.

Medidata EHR Solutions and Healthcare vice-president Dan Braga said: “The number of data points collected as part of a clinical trial has increased exponentially and sites are looking for scalable and easy to use solutions to connect to their EHR and reduce data entry.

“Rave Companion is an elegant solution that helps sites utilise existing data from any EHR system instead of re-entering it for clinical trials purposes.”

The solution provides out-of-the-box functionality for unstructured data, in addition to advanced EHR integration capabilities for those sites that are connected to Medidata’s expanding research sites network.

It works by mirroring the Rave eCRF schema in a ‘companion’ tool that floats at the top of the screen.

The technology also follows site users as they navigate through different records systems required to contribute to the research database.

Rave Companion eliminates ‘swivel chair’ activities for unstructured data, or for sites that are yet to be connected to Medidata’s network.

The solution will also include the EHR data presentation directly within the solution next year. In order to complete eCRFs, users will never have to leave Rave EDC.

In October this year, Medidata announced the launch of the new Intelligent Trials Diversity Module for sponsors and clinical research organisations (CROs).