Healthcare technology company Mednet has released its new all-in-one e-clinical solution, iMednet, with the aim of increasing clinical trial efficiencies.

The latest release is the third software update of the year. It includes new feature enhancements and continues efforts to reduce study build times.

iMednet will also aim to increase efficiency in study execution while enhancing the overall user experience of the platform. It was recently rolled out to existing customers and is now available for new customers.

Mednet’s comprehensive development plan focuses on the optimisation of an eClinical solution to support the future of clinical trials.

Mednet CEO Rob Robertson said: “Clinical trials are becoming more and more complex and, at the same time, contract research organisations (CROs) and sponsors face an increasing pressure to build and execute studies as quickly as possible, all while ensuring data quality and containing costs.

“Technology can be a powerful tool to help research organisations achieve these goals.”

The platform provides comprehensive tools and functionality to allow designers to build and execute studies in the platform as early as possible and this latest software update features an easy-to-use source data verification (SDV) tool.

The enhanced SDV tool with real-time functionality is faster and enables users to spend relatively less time on monitoring.

The platform also includes enhancements such as improved data dictionary with a new user interface (UI), enabling users to study configurations at key study milestones.

Furthermore, the improvements include more updates and enhancements to Business Logic, ePRO, Date Comparison and Form Manager tools designed to improve the user experience.

Robertson further added: “This latest release further optimises our eClinical solution and delivers a key milestone in our plan to provide a comprehensive feature set that enables our customers to meet the evolving demands of clinical research.”