Non-profit breast cancer organisation Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (MBCA) has released its MBC Connect 2.0 web-based registry to identify potential clinical trial matches for patients.

The new interactive and mobile-friendly patient experience mobile app and online platform enables patients in the US to partner with researchers to advance metastatic breast cancer research.

After the entry of patients’ demographic information and disease history into the app, MBC Connect 2.0 identifies potential clinical trial matches, avoiding the complicated trial search process.

Upon entering additional data, which is kept private, more targeted clinical trial options will be available, increasing the chance of finding a clinical trial that qualifies with the patient’s needs.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (MBCA) chair Shirley Mertz said: “Metastatic breast cancer patients can become their own best advocate by using MBC Connect 2.0 to match them with potential clinical trials which allows them to explore future treatment options.

“Clinical trials drive advances in metastatic breast cancer treatment, which can help patients live longer with better quality of life, yet fewer than 1 in 20 people with cancer ever take part in a clinical trial.

“One of our goals with MBC Connect 2.0 is to give patients better access to clinical trials to increase participation.”

The updated MBC Connect simplifies the current trial search process that prevents many patients from discovering potential life-saving treatments.

It also allows patients to retain a record of their own metastatic breast cancer story to share it with the care team and doctors, as well as to match the data with potential clinical trials.

MBCA is teaming up with (BCT) and its parent company Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative to enable clinical trial matching on MBC Connect.

The organisation mentioned that MBC Connect 2.0 is available on Android and iOS devices, and via web browser, in both English and Spanish.