Contract research organisation (CRO) MMS Holdings has partnered with eClinical technology provider Medrio to accelerate clinical trial process for study sponsors.

As part of the alliance, MMS will utilise Medrio’s support services to execute a trial sponsor agreement.

MMS expects the combination of its CRO services with Medrio’s eClinical products to facilitate a flexible, quick and cost-effective solution for pharmaceutical sponsors of any size.

MMS senior project manager Mindy Wolf said: “Medrio does a lot to ease the process of doing business with our clients. Their clear, straightforward pricing model makes it easy to get quotes and proposals out quickly. In clinical research, any delay translates to money wasted, so any efficiency in getting proposals issued and to decisions faster is helpful.”

Over the past five years, MMS has been leveraging Medrio platform across multiple trials to set-up study databases within two weeks, rapidly create reports for immediate review and access the company’s support team for technical assistance.

Medrio’s tools for clinical trials include EDC, Direct Data Capture (DDC), ePRO and eConsent.

Medrio EDC is a clinical data management solution designed to enable quick set up of studies, as well as simplify and standardise the data collection process from different locations.

Meanwhile, Medrio’s DDC is intended for easy in-clinic or in-the-field data collection. It provides real-time alerts on any challenges with data collection in order to ensure data quality and patient safety.

Medrio ePRO facilitates patient reported outcomes on a web-based platform. With this tool, patient reported outcomes can be captured remotely and electronically.

Medrio designed its eConsent solution to speed-up setup and deployment of consent forms.