Myeloma UK has launched a new research programme to continue providing support to patient-centric myeloma clinical trials in the country – the UK Myeloma Research Alliance-Myeloma UK-Concept and Access Research Programme (UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP).

The UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP is claimed to be an evolution of the Myeloma UK Clinical Trials Network (CTN), which was launched in 2009 and  led to the delivery of nine early phase clinical trials, and with more than 700 patients participating in these trials.

This initiative is intended to enable UK myeloma patients to access new treatments or treatment combinations as part of trials.

UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP will provide support to the development of studies that either offer a proof of concept data for larger and later phase trials, or data that can be used to support patients securing access to treatments through the NHS.

Part of the programme will be an exploration of ‘adaptive trials’, an innovation which enable researchers to learn from patient responses to treatment during the trial and gives them flexibility in order to adapt the treatment.

Through this new collaborative model, patient insight from Myeloma UK is brought together with the experience and expertise of the UK Myeloma UK Research Alliance and the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) to develop a portfolio of early phase clinical trials.

The investment from Myeloma UK will help boost trial development and facilitate funding from external sources such as pharmaceutical companies and diagnostics companies in order to support the delivery of innovative trials developed through the UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP.

UKMRA chair professor Gordon Cook said: “Building on what has already been achieved through the Myeloma UK Clinical Trials Network we can develop a strong portfolio of early-phase trials through UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP and crucially, link these directly to the development of late-phase trials through the UKMRA to change clinical practice and patient outcomes.”