A new clinical trials company, Curavit Clinical Research, has been launched to help realise the potential of decentralised clinical trials.

Launched by industry veterans Joel Morse and Dave Hanaman, the new entity will focus on virtual trials.

Curavit Clinical Research co-founder and CEO Joel Morse said: “Curavit is the result of our desire to solve growing challenges to the important work of drug discovery.

“By combining experience, technology, and solid execution, we will bring cutting-edge research to previously untapped and underserved patient populations.”

Curavit Clinical Research is a next-generation clinical trial enterprise that provides decentralised clinical trial execution. It takes a clean-sheet approach to clinical trials, from the design phase to execution.

Optimised on a new virtual model, the company supports patients’ participation from wherever they live.

Curavit Clinical Research chief commercial officer and co-founder Dave Hanaman added: “We are fortunate to have worked with some of the most respected companies and visionary people in the life sciences industry, and are honored by the support we are receiving from them for this effort.”

Global clinical trials market stands at $70bn and continues to grow, while the success rate of trials continues to see a decline. This is often due to lack of enrollment by patients and participation from doctors.

Developing novel technologies and approaches will help to increase success rates, while decreasing the costs of organising clinical trials using traditional methods.

Virtual clinical trials, which are projected to increase geometrically, take advantage of new trends and opportunities.