Bridge Bioresearch (BBR) has completed the preclinical efficacy and safety trials of 2hydroxyoleic acid (2OHOA), a novel treatment for obesity and other metabolic disorders.

BBR has in-licensed 2OHOA from the University of the Balearic Islands, Spain, and has continued research into animal models evaluating the pharmacological properties and safety profile of the 2OHOA molecule. 2OHOA is a compound related to oleic acid, and will be able to interact with a variety of molecular targets, interfering as a competitive substrate, intermediate or end product in pivotal pathways of lipid metabolism.

BBR CEO Søren Stenderup said the fact that the 2HOA product shows good biological activity and no observed toxicity supports the company to commit time and resources to undertaking a full clinical development programme.

”The observation, in the animal models examined, that the product appears to improve other conditions associated with obesity such as hypertension and the onset of type 2 diabetes is an additional benefit that we will seek to quantify in the clinical trial programme, as this will give the product benefits over other treatments for the growing problem of obesity," Stenderup said.

Following encouraging results from the preclinical studies, 2OHOA has a granted patent (PCT/ES02/00475) for the clinical development process as a drug for the treatment of obesity.

Prior experiments with 2OHOA in animal models showed a greater reduction of adipose tissue mass, and appetite-suppressant effects regarding food intake in standard animal models. The preclinical tests also reported that treatment with the molecule does not induce other important comorbidities of obesity, such as hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

The company said that 2OHOA has successfully passed a complete, ICH directed and GLP-certified toxicological study set-up demonstrating the favourable toxicological profile of the compound.