Cell Culture Service has entered into a general license agreement with EMD Millipore, a division of Merck.

Under the agreement, Cell Culture Service will develop bulk cell amounts from over 250 of EMD Millipore’s assay cell lines, improving customers’ drug discovery and throughput functional screening capabilities.

Its service that meets customers’ scale-up needs will also be made available for EMD Millipore’s assay cell lines.

EMD Millipore owns more than 180 GPCR expressing cell lines (ChemiScreen and ChemiBrite lines) and 60 ion channel-expressing cell lines (PrecisION lines), from which Cell Culture Service can generate custom assay-ready frozen cells or membranes, and may even use the cells as a host for transient bulk transfections.

The company said that customers who have already licensed a cell line from EMD Millipore can order reagents prepared from the cell line from Cell Culture Service without further approval by EMD Millipore, and those who would like to get access to EMD Millipore’s technologies for the first time can license the cell line through CCS in a one-stop shop.

EMD Millipore Lead Discovery director Umesh Patel said customers depending on its GPCR and Ion Channel cell line products will be provided with a complete solution to support their drug discovery needs.

"Years of experience in frozen cell production makes CCS a reliable outsourcing partner for global pharmaceutical research," Patel added.

CCS managing director and president Oliver Wehmeier said the deal allows them to offer their services for EMD Millipore’s cell lines, which enable its customers to conveniently obtain high quality cell based reagents for their screening approaches.

CCS is a supplier of recombinant cell lines, assay-ready frozen cells, qualified membranes, and proteins for high-throughput-screening, and plays a major role in supporting research departments of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to discover new drug entities by supplying them with custom made functionally validated cell-based reagents.