Media-Soft, a pharmacentric company, has developed new flagship product Sales Vision Android, an offline / online Android-based pharma CRM and SFE tool for pharmaceuticals.

Media-Soft CEO Damir Safaric said the company’s solutions were designed in a loop sales force effectiveness environment and on the sales field medical representatives use the native Sales Vision Android solution with local access to their healthcare database. "We believe in native mobile and tablet solutions because in such dynamic times the medical rep needs to have a tailored native solution and not just a web app,” he added.

The Sales Vision Android is expected to be available in Q2 2012, and several pharmaceuticals have already signed the contract for the Android solution.

Media-Soft provides the life sciences industry with designs and pharma CRM solutions, under the trade name Sales Vision Pharma CRM. Sales Vision runs as a local Windows app, web app, pocket, Android and was the first native pharma CRM for the iPad /iPhone that could be downloaded from the Apple App Store.