Encore Therapeutics (ETI) has successfully completed a pre-clinical Proof of Concept (POC) study on ETI-511, its proprietary, extended release phospholipid gel depot formulation of the NSAID drug meloxicam (Mobec) as a treatment for pain and inflammation.

The POC study demonstrated that ETI-511 provided about 100-fold higher local tissue levels of meloxicam for at least 48 hours around the injection site compared to orally dosed meloxicam, while exhibiting lower plasma meloxicam levels at all times compared to oral dosing.

ETI-511 was found to be well tolerated locally and systemically following subcutaneous injections.

ETI chairman and CEO Paul Marangos said the ability of ETI-511 to deliver localised high levels of meloxicam for extended periods has the potential to expand the clinical utility of meloxicam to treat pain and inflammatory disorders.

”ETI is now seeking a development partner to further develop ETI-511," Marangos said.