NovAliX SAS has entered into a multitarget integrated drug discovery collaboration with Tokyo-based Teijin Pharma to develop novel drug candidates against multiple targets across different therapeutic areas.

NovAliX will initially use its protein biochemistry expertise in conjugation with its comprehensive biophysical technology platform. Under the partnership deal, NovAliX will apply its proprietary Graffinity SPR-based screening technology for the identification of novel chemotypes, and then include its native nano-MS technology for further characterisation of selected small molecule hit structures. As per the terms of the agreement, NovAliX will receive technology access fees as well as further research funding payments.

NovAliX president Stephan Jenn said that through this alliance, Teijin will have the opportunity to leverage the entire spectrum of their capabilities in biochemistry, biophysics and medicinal chemistry. "This alliance underlines again the competitive edge of our scientific expertise and biophysical technologies as well as our commitment to serve the Japanese pharmaceutical research market that is strongly driven by science and innovation," Jenn added.

With the use of proprietary Graffinity SPR technology, X-ray protein crystallography, native mass spectrometry and chemistry, NovAliX offers comprehensive integrated services for small molecule drug discovery. The company provides chemistry and biophysical technologies to support the pharmaceutical industry’s outsourcing needs from discovery to manufacturing, and fine characterisation of biologics, analysis of APIs and polymorphism studies to support pharmaceutical development and manufacturing teams.